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General & Safety  Mini Stock Bomber Hobby Modified Mini Sprint

Mini Stock - 4 Cylinder Rules 2012

All General and Safety Rules apply.

A. Body and Weight

1. Wheel base must remain factory stock.
2. No all-wheel drive cars permitted, front or rear wheel drive ONLY.
3. Wheel wells may be enlarged to clear tires.
4. Doors may be gutted to add door bars.
5. Inner fenders may be removed.
6. All cars must have a full stock floor pan extending past the rear end.
7. All cars must retain the stock fire wall.
8. Sheet metal (late model style) bodies are permitted.
9. Cars are permitted to have a plastic or aluminum nose piece.
10. Bars are permitted outside of the body.
11. No top wings permitted.
12. Spoilers can be no more than eight inches tall, including all angles and wicker bills.
13. Chassis cannot be altered from 0 in front of the A-frame to the back of the rear spring.
14. The driver must be completely shielded from the radiator.
15. The battery must be in the rear of the car, separated from the driver, and completely secured.
16. Doors must be welded or bolted shut.
17. All cars must have a racing seat and racing harnesses.
18. All cars must weigh 2300 pounds with driver at the end of each race.

B. Suspension, Steering, and Brakes

1. Suspension mounting points and suspension links must remain factory stock.
2. No 2-link, 3-link, 4-link, Z-link, etc. rear suspensions are permitted.
3. Aftermarket springs are permitted.
4. Aftermarket shocks allowed.
5. Shocks may be relocated.
6. Rear end must be stock OEM equipment.
7. Locked rear ends are permitted.
8. A quick release steering wheel is highly recommended.
9. Quick steer is permitted.
10. Cars must have 4 wheel brakes.
11. Brake proportioning valves are permitted.

12. Weight jacks are permitted if secured and approved by inspector. 

C. Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are mandatory. All fuel tanks must be securely installed, in a steel container, in the trunk of the car, with at least two 1 wide by 1/8 thick steel straps.

D. Engine and Transmission

1. The engine must remain in the factory stock location.
2. Naturally aspirated, four cylinder engines only.
3. Maximum displacement: 2.5L
4. Factory stock blocks only.
5. Aluminum heads are only permitted if they came from the factory on that make and model of car. ARCA heads are not permitted.
6. All engine parts must remain GM-GM, Ford-Ford, Chrysler-Chrysler, and so on.
7. Head may be shaved, ported and polished.
8. Stock-style ignitions must be used.
9. MSD style ignition boxes are permitted.
10. Any hydraulic or solid lift camshaft can be used. No roller cams are permitted unless it came from the factory on that make and model of car.
11. Any header is permitted.
12. A factory stock automatic or manual transmission must be used.
13. Factory torque converters must be used in automatic transmissions.
14. Aftermarket clutches and flywheels are allowed.
15. All cars must have neutral, reverse, and at least two forward gears. Cars must start in neutral using a working starter and then go into forward and reverse gears.
16. No traction control devices of any kind are allowed.

E. Carb and Fuel

1. Cars may run either the factory stock carb, factory stock fuel injection, or a Holley 4412 2 barrel only.
2. The carb must pass inspection from the top side with the track go/no-go gauge.
3. The bottom of the carb must be no larger than 1 11/16
4. The ventura must remain stock, 1 3/8 size.
5. One inch maximum carb spacer including adapter if used.
6. Factory stock fuel injection is only permitted if it came from the factory on that make and model of car.
7. If electric fuel pumps are used, they must be wired through an oil pressure shut-off switch.
8. All cars must run gasoline. No alcohol, additives, or nitrous oxide allowed.

F. Tires and Wheels

1. Any tire may be used as long as it fits within the track tire hoop. The hoop is based on an American Racer KK 704 tire.
2. Racing studs and one inch lugnuts must be used.

Those items not addressed above must remain stock and in the factory stock location as produced by the original manufacturer.


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