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General & Safety  Mini 4cyl Bomber Hobby Modified Mini Sprint 

Bomber Class Rules 2012

All General and Safety Rules apply.

A. Body and Weight

1. Any American coupe, sedan, or truck with a 101” or greater stock wheelbase.
2. No convertibles. Wagons and hardtops are legal.
3. No coil-over spring cars.
4. Complete stock appearing bodies and bumpers are required. Fabricated replacement body parts must be made to strongly resemble factory body parts.
5. Bumpers must be chained/secured to the frame in such a manner to keep them from dropping onto the track and/or being dragged along the track.
6. If the grill is removed, expanded metal must be put in its place.
7. All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.
8. All trim and accessories must be removed from the sides, front, and rear of the body, including chrome moldings, trim rings, emblems, windshield wipers etc.
9. All glass must be removed, including lights and lenses.
10. All flammable interior parts must be removed.
11. The inner fenders may be removed.
12. A racing seat must be used.
13. The hood and trunk must be welded, chained, or pinned down.
14. All under-hood accessories may be removed.
15. All holes in the firewall must be covered in steel (not aluminum) of at least the same strength as the firewall.
16. The doors may be gutted to allow for installation of roll cages and bars.
17. No further gutting is allowed.
18. The battery must be secured and separated from the driver.
19. The body and frame must maintain at least 5 1/2” of ground clearance.
20. Uni-bodies must be tied together.
21. The factory floor pan must extend rearward past the driver’s seat.
22. If the car has an enclosed interior, it must have an inspection door that can be easily detached or opened with a hinge or zeus fasteners.
23. The car with driver must weigh at least 3400 pounds at the end of each race.

B. Suspension, Steering, and Brakes

1. All cars must remain on the stock suspension for the car that it is under.
2. Racing springs are allowed on the front and rear.
3. No mono-leaf springs or spring sliders are allowed unless originally equipped.
4. No adjustable or cheater weight jacks are allowed on the front or rear unless secured and approved by inspector.
5. Racing or heim-mounted shocks are permitted.
6. Stock appearing A-arms ONLY.
7. Rear shocks must mount in approximately the same location as stock.
8. Only one shock per wheel is allowed.
9. No spring assisted shocks are allowed unless originally equipped.
10. All control arms must be mounted in stock location.
11. All rear suspension components must be mounted in stock locations.
12. No relocation of mounting points is allowed.
13. The use of chains or other devices to limit suspension travel is not allowed.
14. Rear springs must use stock upper spring pads in stock location.
15. A Ford 9” housing is highly recommended. Floaters are permitted.
16. Rack-and-pinion cars must use factory stock parts only.
17. No alterations of chassis or steering components are allowed, except a quick release steering wheel is highly recommended. 
18. Quick-steer is permitted.
19. All cars must have four wheel brakes.
20. Aftermarket brake pedals and master cylinders are permitted.

C. Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are mandatory. All fuel tanks must be securely installed, in the trunk area, with at least two 1” wide by 1/8” thick steel straps.

D. Engine and Transmission

1. The #1 plug must be even with, or in front of, the upper ball joint.
2. Factory stock iron blocks only. No aftermarket blocks.
3. GM-362 ci maximum. 3.480” stroke with no more than +.060” bore. No 400 ci blocks.
4. Ford-362 ci maximum. 3.500” stroke with no more than +.060” bore.
5. Chrysler-370 ci maximum. 3.578” stroke with no more than +.060” bore.
6. Crankshaft and rods must remain stock.
7. Flat top or dish pistons only.
8. Engine must not generate over 160 psi of compression when cranked over a minimum of five times, at normal speed, hot, with throttle closed.
9. Engine must not pull less than 16 in.-lbs of vacuum at 1000 RPM.
10. All cars must use a hydraulic or solid lift camshaft. NO roller camshafts are allowed.
11. Stock appearing internal parts ONLY.
12. Roller or roller tip rocker arms permitted.
13. All heads must be unaltered (except for valve sizes) OEM with no larger than 2.02” intake and 1.60” exhaust valves.
14. Screw-in studs and guide plates are allowed.
15. No stud girdles are permitted.
16. Any size combustion chambers allowed.
17. Must use unaltered OEM cast iron two or four barrel intake.
18. No high-rise, performance OEM, or marine intakes permitted.
19. No gasket matching, porting, polishing, acid dipping, or any other alterations allowed to intakes.
20. No Bowtie intakes permitted.
21. Cast iron exhaust manifolds or headers are allowed. No tri-y or exotic headers are allowed.
22. Must use stock-style ignition. Stock-appearing aftermarket coils and modules are allowed.
23. Standard transmission-Must use factory stock OEM clutch disc and pressure plate on stock steel OEM flywheel. Mini clutches are not permitted.
24. Automatic transmission-Stock-type working torque converters and stock flywheels required.
25. All cars must have neutral, reverse, and at least two forward gears. Cars must start in neutral using a working starter and then go into forward and reverse gears.
26. No aftermarket transmissions are permitted.
27. Must have steel scatter-proof bellhousing.
28. No traction control devices of any kind are permitted.

E. Carb and Fuel

1. An unaltered Holley #4412 500 CFM 2 barrel must be used.
2. The carb must pass inspection from the top side with the track go/no-go gauge.
3. The bottom of the carb must be no larger than 1 11/16”
4. The ventura must remain stock, 1 3/8” size.
5. One inch maximum carb spacer including adapter if used.
6. No electric fuel pumps.
7. All cars must run gasoline. No alcohol, additives, or nitrous oxide allowed.

F. Wheels and Tires

1. Steel racing wheels are required with a maximum width of 10 inches. Beadlocks are allowed and are recommended on the right rear.
2. Studs must be 5/8” diameter and utilize a 1” lugnut.
3. Approved tires-275/60/15 or smaller street tires, asphalt take-offs, American Racer KK704, KK704 Short, or Hoosier G6015 with or without stamp.
4. No tires may be softer than a 50 compound.
5. No recaps are permitted.

Those items not addressed above must remain stock and in the factory stock location as produced by the original manufacturer.


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